How our gradings work

Have you seen the white outfits and the various coloured belts? If you are new to Karate, here is a description of how it all works. White to green belts will grade, on average, three times a year. Blue to third brown belts will grade twice a year. Younger students get a red stripe if they pass a grading and when they have three red stripes, they move up to the next belt.

Karate Belt Gradings

There is a compulsory minimum waiting period of one year between third brown and black belt.


White belt

9th Ky

Junior yellow belt in Karate

Junior Yellow belt

8th Ky


Yellow belt

8th Kyu

Junior orange belt in Karate

Junior Orange belt

7th Kyu


Orange belt

7th Ky


Green belt

6th Kyu


Blue belt

5th Kyu


Purple belt

4th Ky


First brown belt

3rd Kyu


Second brown belt

2nd Kyu


Third brown belt

1st Kyu

Junior black belt in Karate

Junior Black belt

First Dan


Black belt

First Dan

Students will be invited by their Sensei if they are ready to grade, keeping the following in mind:
  • Attitude
  • Standard
  • Time
  • Attendance
  • Age (for juniors).

All gradings include:

  • basics
  • stepping basics
  • stances
  • kata’s
  • kumite (sparring)
  • bunkai (practical application of kata)
  • supplementary training
  • fitness test of increasing difficulty.